5 Reasons Why You Should Choose the Right Athletic Clothing

Your potential best performance is not fully optimized to achieve your best training in mind.

Just like any job, selecting the right tools will always yield the best results. Buying athletic clothing can seem overwhelming with endless choices of fitness brands such as Nike, Under Armour, Lululemon and Gymshark. After all, no matter the option you choose, you can still always purchase and have a great training session or workout right? – Well... perhaps, but not necessarily. 

The question(s) you should be asking is how much more off a better performance can I get with the proper gear? Is it for a simple fitness gym routine or performance(s) that is progressive? What is the difference? Do you know it? And are you aware of it? Is it a one time gear purchase or an investment on your performance abilities? If so, then what is your limitless potential? Is it beating your records? Attaining and lifting that next weight level? Is it running a split second faster than the previous?

A split second faster is the next chapter and that is progressive performance and you have full control of this keen observed potential.

The same applies to training your body and measuring its performance. So —the small details matter because — it separates us-achievers among winners. So to attain and reach new levels we've tapped into our best creative, the Balandi Innovation Lab.

Reason 1: Confidence

The better you feel, the better your performance can be.

Reason 2: Comfort

Discomfort alter's your focus and conscious by the fact there is an uncomfortable distraction and there is nothing you can do about it in the moment to get back to your training session. The last thing we want is a disruption of our momentum. When an athlete wears uncomfortable clothing or an unsuitable piece of gear for the environment there will always be a physical detriment to their performance. A recipe for failure. 

Reason 3: Performance Training

This is key because when you accumulate sweat during a workout, there is a high propensity to get cold from the moisture trapped in the clothing on your body. This is especially true for most cotton fabrics and even worse in colder climates. Choosing breathable clothing will make a significant difference in how you feel during your workouts while always keeping you cool and dry.

Reason 4: Fluid movement

A common mistake that athletes often make is they choose clothing that limits their range of motion. The ease of movement for the athlete to have better performance while feeling great comfort is mandatory. It allows you to move more fluidly with little to no resistance and Seamless Balandi Adaptability® provides the fluid movement tailoring. 

Reason 5: Protects and Prevents Injuries

Do you dress according to the weather? Continually dress according to the weather with athletic gear tailored to the climate you live in.

Regardless of your fitness level, whether you’re a professional athlete or bodybuilder or a casual gym goer, the right athletic gear that is foundation.The good news is that you have a wide range of high performance tailorings to choose from our INNOVATION LAB.



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