5 Reasons Why You Should Choose the Right Athletic Clothing

Buying athletic clothing can seem like a waste of money. After all, you can always throw on some old clothing and still have a great workout, right? – Well yes, but not necessarily. The question you should be asking is how much more off a better workout can I get with the proper gear? Just like any job, using the right tools will always yield the best results. The same applies to training your body. Besides, if purchasing athletic clothing was a waste, then why is there a growing market for it? The answer to this boils down to two main reasons; Confidence and performance. Confidence and performance ultimately drive the motif for why choosing the right athletic clothing is always a better choice, however, in the article below, we will be covering five reasons why you should always wear proper athletic gear.


The first and perhaps the most important reason for choosing the correct athletic clothing has to do with how one feels about what they’re wearing. The clothing an athlete has on can trigger a phycological effect to make them perform at their highest level. Studies have proven women who are self-conscious about their clothing and appearance in the gym, will be less likely to participate in physical activity in the future. Simply put, the better you feel, the better your performance can be. Confidence goes a long way and the mind is simply an agent to guide it. 


The idea of being comfortable lives under the category of feeling confident. Comfort, however, can be directly tied to specific components of performance, meaning when an athlete wears uncomfortable clothing there will always be a physical detriment to their performance. For instance, if you wear sneakers, or a sports bra, or any other piece of clothing that was too tight, there is a good chance you will not be able to reach the end of your workout due to the simple fact that you are uncomfortable. The bra will constantly dig into sides, while the sneakers will squeeze the energy out of you with every step. This causes irritation and fatigue, a recipe for failure. Always make sure you pick out athletic gear that is comfortable to avoid any potential strain during a workout. 


Compression clothing is very common in athletic wear. The reason being is because it simply feels good. Compression clothing is so common to athletes that in 2012, German sport researchers conducted a study that revealed that compression gear can actually aid in recovering athletes faster than other clothing materials. The actual findings of this study have been controversial considering, opposing research was conducted in 2015 by American researchers who claim, there was no real evidence to support the findings. Nonetheless, it is safe to say compression clothing has not been proven to have any adverse effect on athletes and is widely considered to be very comfortable, therefore the sheer comfort of it alone can promote performance.

Temperature Regulated:

Most quality athletic gear comes equipped with technology designed to wick away moisture from the skin and provide a cool & dry workout for the athlete. This is important because when you accumulate sweat during a workout, there is a high propensity to get cold from the moisture trapped in the clothing on your body. This is especially true for most cotton fabrics and even worse in colder climates. Choosing breathable clothing will make a significant difference in how you feel during your workouts while keeping you cool and dry at all times.

Promotes better movement:

When you select the right athletic clothing that fits your body, it allows you to move more fluidly with little to no resistance. This ease of movement always the athlete to have better performance while feeling great comfort. A common mistake that often happens with athletes is they choose clothing that is too tight on their bodies causing discomfort and limiting their range of motion. Always choose well-fitted clothing to promote better movement and overall comfort. 

Protects and Prevents Injuries:

Simply put, the right athletic gear can and will help protect you from injury. A common example of how this is possible is wearing the proper article of clothing. Do you dress according to the weather? When it’s very cold out, it is best to wear thicker, longer sleeves lined with warmer fabrics to prevent the cold air from freezing your skin, subsequently, when it is extremely hot outside, a thinner long sleeve choice of clothing and a hat might be more suitable to prevent burns. Be sure to continually dress according to the weather and purchase athletic gear tailored to the climate you live in.

There you have it. Five good reasons to choose the right athletic clothing. Regardless of your fitness level, whether you’re a professional athlete or a casual gym goer, always purchase the right athletic gear that will support your training. There is a lot to benefit from. 

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