6 Best Reasons To Workout Right Now

Any time is the best time to get fitter. However, fall lends itself to fitness in unique ways. Capitalize on nature’s way of helping you maintain (or return to) a healthy lifestyle.

As gyms begin to reopen amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, many are wondering whether it is safe to resume pre-closure activities, including working out in the gym.

Whether or not a person should resume exercising in a fitness center will depend on several factors.

·     Whether or not gyms are legally allowed to open and operate in your area

·     If you are in a higher risk population, or

·     If you are caring for someone who is in a higher risk population

Some populations, such as those at higher risk for complications from COVID-19, have been advised by health authorities to continue taking extra precautions, which may mean staying at home even as some activities resume. But for most people, returning to the gym when fitness centers are deemed safe to reopen can be a good way to continue pursuing good health.

Here's why our favorite season is also the best time of year for fitness.

1.    Set year-end goals. A vision of achieving | VOA

It is the last few months of 2020. What are your goals? Pick three (likely remaining from your new year resolutions list) and tackle them. A new year is coming. How do you want to welcome 2021? Elastic waistbands or skinny jeans? Cigarette in hand or a mug of green tea? Now is the time to act. Talk with a personal trainer about those pending fitness goals, before the caramel-drizzled drinks drown your resolve.

2.     You don't have to get so sweaty.

This especially applies to any type of outdoor workout. Cooler temps mean that going for a run doesn't have to result in clothes that are completely saturated in sweat after only 10 minutes and the ability to maintain a body temperature that makes you feel like a normal human being rather than say, the Heat Miser

3.    Two words: perfect weather.

And if on the other hand you hate the gym, well, there's no better time of year to work out outside. It's cool but not too cold, most days are sunny and clear, and your exercise options are seemingly endless. From simply going for a walk to taking a hike or pumpkin picking to attempting to navigate a corn maze, there are so many fun, out-of-the-ordinary ways to stay fit in the fall it's almost scary. (Get it? Scary... because Halloween is coming.)

4.    Seasonal Produce

Fall is also the perfect time for getting fit because of the amazing variety of fresh, seasonal produce that’s available. Nothing supports a fun workout routine like a nutritious diet. Head out to the farm or fruit stand to pick up all the pears, apples and squash that you can carry. Produce has all of the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that your body craves as fuel to keep you going. Just as important, you’ll save money by purchasing local, seasonal items.

5.    Make use of an empty schedule

Had a cancelled summer and no time to work out? Then this is one less excuse you can use. Vacation time is over, and your calendar is waiting for some workout records. Take the chance, switch off the TV (Netflix, and shows) and stop searching for other excuses: this is your time. Use it wisely.

6.    Get a head start on New Year’s resolutions.

Studies show that it takes about four weeks for the body to adapt to lifestyle changes. If you start your workout routine now, you’ll not only be one step ahead of your New Year’s resolutions but also more likely to meet them. By the time others start thinking about their goals, you’ll already be full force on the right track. Summer bodies are made now.

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